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Lucrative Mining Opportunities In North Brazil For Sale

Acari, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Asking Price:
$1M - $5M (USD) Inventory / Stock included
Sales Revenue:
$1M - $5M (USD)
Cash Flow:
Not applicable

I'll cut straight to the point. In order to stop other negotiations, we should ideally need a minimum of $1 million right away.

We are not interested in any person or organisation that wishes to charge any upfront fees for introductions to investors or investor funds.

Don't waste yours or our time.

Don't worry.

We are not scammers, and we are happy to do everything through an existing independent provider.

We would quickly like to raise an absolute minimum of $1M through one of three current opportunities.

If that is not achievable, we could also look to split that into partners investing a minimum of $50k each.

You can organise the partners at your end, or we simply put the first investors with an equal share in one of the offers below.

Although we are close to closing negotiations with two different investors, we feel the true value is much higher than currently being offered. So we are making a last-ditch effort here to find a fair investor who actually has cash ready to go.

Ideally, we only have time to work directly with the potential investor, not through an agent who is just fishing for something to add to their portfolio. Unless you have a hot investor ready to jump at an amazing investment, don't bother wasting both our time and your time.

However, we are in a position where we need to raise capital quickly, so the sooner we can get things done, the better for everyone.

Our opportunities can earn millions in months, not years.

Summary of opportunities:

Opportunity 1: Granite Quarry - Rio Grande do Norte, Up to a 40% share, with potentially $37B+ in the accessible reserve.

True value is approx. minimum of $172M! which should be achieved in 6–18 months.

Potentially $340M

Opportunity 2: A 50% share in the production of $10m worth of marble

Opportunity 3: A 10% stake in a block/stone cutting factory that will handle marble and granite from the above opportunities. For $1M.

(I will try to add a PDF pitch deck if the system allows me, if not, leave your contact details and we will get one to you quickly.)

Opportunity 1 details: Granite Quarry, joint venture between $1 million and $4 million

We are looking for someone to invest in between 10% and 40% of a joint venture for between $1 - $4 million with a $1m minimum initial payment refundable deposit, to stall other negotiations.

With a minimum of 10% stake ($1m) up to 40% at $4m

We need someone who can move fast, which is preferred as we are already on the path to closing an unfavourable deal.

The Granite quarry, based near Acari, Rio Grande do Norte, has all the necessary licences and permits, which are currently in reactivation (approximately 2 months).

The mine has 350 m3 of extracted block sitting on the surface of the land, just waiting to be cut. The cut value is approximately $1.2 million; currently, that would be included with the sale.

The quarry could quickly have the capacity to produce $3.6m worth of cut granite slabs per month, which is approximately 36,000 m2 each month.

Profits would be divided up each month, one month in arrears.

The investor can use his/her share of any profits to reduce the balance of his or her promised investment.

A 40% shareholder should soon receive $1.2M per month (less operating costs). This could mean that we can work something out so that your deposit is the only cash you would have to find, the rest can be paid from your share of the profit.

We have geological studies, that were drawn up to identify the minimum amount of material needed to enable us to obtain the mining license, which shows approx. $400m worth of granite.

We can demonstrate how that is more likely to be at least $37b, if not even $100b+. For every 1 meter of excavation, we would have approximately $1.23 billion of material.

We want to be a conscientious company, and we would aim to greatly raise the standard of living for all persons working for our company, paying 3, 4, or 5 times more than the national average wage (if not more).

We will reinvest the profits back into the local and national communities, in every area where we can to reduce poverty around the world.

All payments can go through Escrow and be drawn down to an agreed-upon schedule.

Option 2: A 50% share in the production of $10 million worth of marble, for $1 million

For a $1 million payment, you will receive half of the profits from an operation to cut up and sell just over $10m worth of 98% pure, white marble, which has been extracted and is sitting on land in Lajes, Rio Grande do Norte, waiting to be cut and sold. It’s current value is $260/m2 (which may go up). We may look into selling as calcium carbonate powder (98% pure), which could yield three times more profit.

All payments can go through Escrow and be drawn down to an agreed-upon schedule.

Option 3: A 10% share in profit for 5 years in a block/stone cutting factory: $1 million

A joint venture partner is required to raise funds to upgrade certain elements of the factory.

We are looking for a JV partner in our ownership of a stone-cutting facility between the Granite and Marble locations.

We are offering up to 20% share of profit for 5 years for $2.4 million.

Longer terms are negotiable.

We potentially have enough work to keep the factor working 24/7 for the next 5 years.

All payments can go through Escrow and be drawn down to an agreed-upon schedule.

Anyone who works with us on any of the above projects will be seen as a preferred partner for other opportunities in the future.

For example, we are in the final stages of sorting out paperwork on a white marble quarry that has $359 billion worth of marble in the reserve. Expecting to sell this for $2Bn - $5Bn

No time wasters, please.

Anyone contacting us will be asked for a POF [proof of funds] certificate from their bank before entering into any negotiations to deter time-wasters.

Property Information

Real Estate:

Real Property Included

Living Accommodation:

Local live within 1-2km.

We will build on-site facilities when profits start to come in.


Rural but with 1km of Acari town. Work force and ammenities on the doorstep.

Premises Details:

Rural land owned by us with all necessary permission. Just need re-activating (approx 2 months)

Planning Consent:

Already obtained.

Business Operation

Expansion Potential:

Great potential

Competition / Market:

None locally

Reasons for selling:

Selling shares to raise capital to put things operational.

Trading hours:

8hrs per day initial working up to 20 per day with 4 for maintenance

Years established:

Other Information

Support & training:

We will remain in control, you can just take the profits, or get involved if you wish.

Inventory / Stock value:
$1,000,000,000 (USD) - included in the asking price
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